A Creative Collaboration

Pringle has long been a supporter of talent from across the creative industries. Following a successful relationship working together on the Autumn ’16 advertising campaign, Pringle is delighted to share a new photography project directed by Chris Simmonds.

The series of images features selected pieces from the Spring/Summer ’17 Men’s and Women’s collections and was shot in five locations around the world. In each location, we collaborated with an up-and-coming photographer, giving them the opportunity to interpret Pringle of Scotland clothing in a unique and creative way.

The photographers were: Theo Sion (London), Letty Schmiterlow (London), Danielle Neu (Los Angeles), Jalan + Jibril Durimel (Miami), Zora Sicher (New York) and Chikashi Suzuki (Tokyo).

Each shoot used street-cast models and out-of-studio locations, and all were shot onto film rather than digital, to give each set of images an individual and authentic feel.

image description

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