On the moodboard for Spring Summer ’18 is an unassuming vintage picture of a woman. She is Betty Mouat and her story inspired the styling for the new Women’s collection.

Betty was born in 1825 on the Shetland Isles and earned her living by knitting. In 1886 Betty took her wares on board the Columbine coastal boat for the 25-mile trip up Shetland’s eastern seaboard. The weather turned bad, the skipper was lost overboard and the crew lost touch with the Columbine. Betty drifted alone in the boat for 9 days before running aground off the coast of Norway, with all her knitting still intact. Spring Summer ‘18’s impeccably crafted yet organic, unfinished style is a tribute to Betty’s ‘shipwrecked’ stoicism.

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The Shetland’s historic craftsmanship also inspired fabric and texture. The collection’s rustic textures were inspired by ‘kishie’ – baskets woven from straw or field-rush, originating on the Shetland Islands. Hand-knitted pieces use raw silk and a drop stitch to create the rugged, twisted texture of the baskets.

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Fran Stringer, Womenswear Design Director:
“As always, we match our enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities of yarn with our passion for Scottish storytelling and a celebration of our heritage. For us, Pringle’s legacy as both craftsman and innovator will always be the driving force for new collections.”