All Pringle of Scotland knitwear mention ‘gauge’ in their descriptions. But what do we mean by this and how can you work out which weight is right for you? Simply, the smaller the gauge number, the heavier the knit. The higher the gauge number, the lighter the knit.

Did you know? Gauge is the number of stitches per inch on a piece of knitwear. In general, the fatter the yarn, the fatter the needle you should use with it, the bigger the stitches it will make, and so you will need fewer of them. The thinner the yarn, the thinner the needle you should use with it, the smaller the stitches, so you need more of them.

The gauge of our garments varies, from chunky hand-knits, to our signature cashmere and merino wool pieces, and then ultra-fine knits. Our most classic knits are 12-gauge, perfect all-year-round pieces to wear alone to layer up depending on the weather.


3-7g - hand and chunky knits


7g and above - lightweight and fine knits

All year around

12g - good weight for layering