We believe our cashmere is one of the most beautiful and luxurious products to wear, we are proud to protect and evolve our cashmere manufacturing legacy since 1815.

Did you know…

Cashmere is up to eight-times warmer than wool. Owing to its clever and adaptable fibres, warm air is held close to the body, and the same air insulation also helps keep you cool if you start to get hot. Cashmere has a high moisture content, so the insulating properties change with the humidity in the air. This makes cashmere the perfect choice all year round.

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One of the things that makes cashmere so special and precious is the astonishing amount of yarn you need to make even one sweater. It takes the fibre of 4 Cashmere goats to make one sweater and, if you were to comb the fibre off one Cashmere goat, it would take you 8 years to gather enough fibre for one chunky knit style.

Cashmere is ideal for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and not over-treated with chemicals.