Pringle is famous for its knitwear. From classic Scottish cashmere to bold argyle diamonds and from Grace Kelly’s twinset to golfing icons, over two centuries this brand has embraced the traditional, the innovative and the unexpected.

Today, Pringle is recognised as a pioneer of British knitwear and a champion of British heritage and fashion talent. Our modern knitwear collections are a celebration of two-hundred years of knitting knowledge and expertise, combined with a progressive outlook on modern life and style.

Knitted Nostalgia

One of Pringle’s most iconic signatures is the geometric argyle pattern. Perhaps most fondly associated with the putting green, it was originally elevated to cult status by HRH the Duke of Windsor, who was soon copied by his fashionable set. Many fashion brands work with the recognisable diamond motif, but it is commonly accepted that Pringle was its originator.

In 2019 we launched Reissued: a collection celebrating the argyle pattern designed with a contemporary sensibility. Styles are unisex, and borrow vivid colour combinations from archive collections and historical fashion references. The campaign to launch Reissued featured established and up-and-coming industry talent including Lennon Gallagher, skate legend Lucien Clark, musician Tara Lily, model & music video producer Jyrell Roberts, and model Kasper Kapica. The collection was launched exclusively in the world-renowned fashion retailer Dover Street Market in London and Ginza-Japan.

In 2020 we revisited our appetite for nostalgia once again. From The Archives is a capsule collection inspired by the cult status for Pringle’s famous pastel v-necks during the 1980s. Featuring our famous ‘Striker’ logo, the jumpers were originally a mark of your fashion tribe. Were you Pale Blue or Lemon Yellow? Everyone had (and has) a favourite.

Modern Collaborations

Pringle has long collaborated with designers, brands, retailers and talent to create relevant, ever-evolving collections. Pringle has made pieces for British brand Palace in our Scottish headquarters, and in 2020 we released a capsule collection of pieces made from repurposed Pringle fabrics, to bring attention to mindful making and a more sustainable fashion future. The pieces were exclusive to East London concept store LNCC. In 2019 we released a collection in collaboration with H&M celebrating iconic Pringle styles and designs.

Mindful Making

Pringle has long been associated with a mindful approach to creating. Since 1815 the company has combined knitting traditions with modern technology to ensure the finest quality. In keeping with the legacy of our Scottish heritage, we are proud to still make many of our cashmere garments in Scotland, using signature, Scottish-spun yarn. In recent years this conscious approach to craftmanship has extended beyond cashmere, and we strive to work with partners and suppliers who meet our standards of care, transparency and community. We are not perfect, but we are always looking for ways to do better, as we continue to make the timeless and beloved clothes and accessories that Pringle is known for.

Dinner Party Fact

Pringle received its Royal Warrant in 1956 awarded by Her Majesty the Queen. One of the most treasured notes in the brand archives is a note from Clarence House from the Dresser to Her Majesty the Queen Mother simply requesting ‘New Cardigan Please.’