For Pringle of Scotland, Circularity means extending the life of our consciously crafted garments, and we have a commitment to improve the circularity in products that we produce. To achieve this goal, we aim to reduce waste, increase the product’s life and ensure that it can be re-used, recycled or composted at the end of its life.

Pringle of Scotland have been proudly producing the finest quality knitwear since 1815. We have always designed and produced garments that will last a lifetime with proper care. We use only the finest fibres in our yarns, and these are knitted to the highest quality to produce a garment of unique quality. We make our knitwear non-seasonal, enabling it to be passed down from generation to generation. Buying better and less often is the most sustainable option, and many of our customers advise us of jumpers that have been in their family for decades.


Our design and development process ensures that we use the most sustainable natural materials, methods and the best suppliers that we possibly can. Particular attention is also paid to our raw materials and animal welfare and we have strict policies relating to all these areas.

Manufacture and Supply

Pringle of Scotland has committed to ensuring that we keep excess stocks to a minimum by following these principles:

  • We manufacture to order wherever possible so reducing the chance of excess stocks.
  • Where we do have excess stocks, these may be donated to charity.
  • We utilise excess and upcycled yarns in the manufacture of small, knitted accessories like hats and gloves.
  • Excess stocks like yarn, fabrics, button, zips are recycled through craft shops so they are not thrown away.
  • Prototypes and samples are kept for our archive or sold at regular sample sales.
  • Damaged garments are repaired or recycled.

We have a policy of never throwing away garments, yarns or components or putting them into landfill.


Many small repairs can actually be invisibly mended, making the jumper look as good as new. We recommend The Cashmere Circle who are based in the Scottish Borders, for repairing, reviving and recycling beloved cashmere garments.


Natural fibres are also long lasting, breathable and also incredibly compostable at the end of their life. We also recommend Cashmere Recycling service when a tree is planted for each item donated.