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The Spring Summer ’18 Men’s collection is built on texture. Showcasing both Pringle’s expertise in traditional knit processes and its dedication to innovation, the focus is on tactility and touch. Raw, organic finishes evoke thoughts of salt-washed and sun-bleached wool, worn summer after summer.

One new technique used for knitwear is borrowed from the traditions of fishermen and their iconic jumpers. Hand-knitted and often unique to each fisherman, they were constantly patched and fixed – toughened against the sea and weather.

This evolved into the idea of engineered imperfections. Referencing the ‘make do and mend’ approach to patching and fixing, the new collection features classic patterns deconstructed and in one example, digitally redesigned to create a the impression of ‘imperfect’ stitches and hand-darned patches. A second texture gives the appearance of a woven tapestry, created using specialist machinery able to combine multiple yarns of different weights to give a deliberately designed uneven weave.