Argyle knows no boundaries. It’s been worn by royals and rebels, by sophisticates and sports fans, by grandads and granddaughters, dressed up and dressed down.

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They say diamonds are forever – and that couldn’t be more true of Pringle’s argyle pattern. It’s stood the test of time. It runs through our DNA.

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This is the argyle reinvented. Where history is reimagined, our tradition is reissued, and the classic pattern comes out to play.

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Jess is a creative who represents feminism and a commercial freedom in fashion. As a feminist, Maybury is defying fashion globally norms with her statuesque figure and striking features and has modelled for major fashion houses across the world.

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Lucien is a professional skateboarder who has earned the accolade of being one of the best in the sport. He's lived in Jamaica, NYC and London, and is a talented photographer, working for the likes of GQ

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Kasper Kapica was born in Berlin in 1996, and moved to New Zealand before coming to London. Kasper works for Aries Arise, and spends most of her spare time reading about abiogenesis or dark matter, or with her pet rats Bedhed & Flipper.

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Awut is a South-Sudanese/British architecture student and creative based in London. She’s worked in architecture firms in the UK and Germany, and is now doing her Masters at Kingston University.

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Jyrrel Roberts is a 21 year old videographer, model, skateboarder and jewellery designer who lives and works in London.

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The son of rock’n roll superstar Liam Gallagher and British top model Patsy Kensit, Lennon Gallagher started modelling at a young age and has appeared on numerous runways and magazine covers. He is currently working on a music project with his own band.

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Hailing from musically diverse South London, Tara Lily has spent her late teens developing her own brand of urban jazz. Pursuing her dreams, she went on to win a place at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music, to study jazz voice and piano.

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Finley and Rafferty Richards are brothers from South Wales. They have been the subject matter of photographer and director Alasdair McLellan, featuring in his Burberry exhibition and a Dior special in i-D magazine.

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Discover The Argyle

Discover how our Scottish roots and traditions inspired one of the most iconic patterns of all time and why it has been chosen to take centre stage in the Reissued capsule collection.

It’s not just the people who have worn the argyle over the years that we’re proud of – the story behind the argyle is pretty amazing too. We loved telling stories, and this one is too good not to share....

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We celebrate argyle’s amazing achievement by taking its reinvention one step further. By incorporating the styles, moments and people who have made it what it is today. This is the argyle like you’ve never seen it before. This is the argyle – reissued.

Breaking the boundaries of gender, age and class - our new collection has something for everyone. After a standout jumper to see you through winter? Or is a patchwork tee more your vibe? We've got you covered – from vintage-style hoodies to statement socks and everything in between.

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Fran Stringer,
Womenswear Design Director

I grew up in the North East of England in the 1980s and had two brothers who are quite a bit older than me. I was fascinated by their fashion because 80s style was so loud and bold.

In those days, clothes were tribalistic. You wore them to be part of something.

#My Argyle

Kasper Kapica

Kasper Kapica was born in Berlin in 1996, moved to New Zealand in 2009 and came to London in 2015. Kasper works for Aries Arise, focusing on special projects and their website.

My dad told me that when he was in school everyone wore argyle. I thought that was cute.

#My Argyle

Fenn O'Meally,
Journalist & Director

On early argyle memories and finding pieces to treasure in the attic.

I love a big baggy argyle jumper – it’s a statement, you don’t need to jazz it up.

From Royalty to Rebellion

Key Moments in Argyle History


For the likes of golfing legend Nick Faldo, our argyle was practically uniform. The 80s was all about colour coordination both on and off the course, a trend we love to refresh and reinvent

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While the footballing greats of the 80s were doing their thing on the pitch, Pringle’s argyle was making a statement off. Fashion united its fans, and the argyle went from being just a style statement to one of determination, defiance and re-appropriation.

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Our argyle has been the star of the show since it first exploded on the style scene, both on and off the big screen. From old-school legends such as Trainspotting’s Begbie and David Beckham, it’s become a firm fixture in the wardrobes of some of the biggest pop culture icons of all time.

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The argyle was an instant hit with the Duke of Windsor, who was seen sporting it throughout the 1920s. A style leader and influencer of the time, and rebellious in his own right, it wasn’t long before the fashion crowd followed suit.

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Find us a more iconic symbol of British spirit than the mighty lion. We first introduced it to our garments in 1934, and you can still spot it on our argyle and knitwear today.

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