From The Archives: Volume 2

From the Archives is a limited edition unisex capsule collection re-releasing some of Pringle of Scotland’s most famous & beloved Eighties styles. This time we were inspired by our golfing heritage and shades of Coral, Turquoise, Ivory, Camel and Grey marl feature, all modern versions of nostalgic favourites and once easily recognisable on the backs of proudly-matching groups of friends. For our photoshoot we collaborated with UK-based dance talent from the breaking & waacking communities. These scenes rose in popularity in the Seventies and Eighties on the streets and in the clubs as an expression of resistance and cultural identity outside of the mainstream. Today, these forms of social dance bring people together and promote a strong sense of community.

The capsule collection includes a stripe that features in a Pringle Sports jumper from the Eighties and a colour block crew neck combining the fresh golfing shades. We are also introducing a classic cardigan in a modern incarnation of the original Pringle twinset. Long-term Pringle fans will recognise the ‘Striker’ motif used for this collection: featuring the brand’s heritage Lion Rampant emblem over a sporting-vintage Pringle logo. The Striker was seen on many styles from our 1980s collections and was a badge of honour for a tribe united by their colourful knits.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this campaign. Photographer: Luke Lentes (@theduke.ldn) — Dancers: Paris (@parisrhiannecrossley), Geni (@geni_lou), Alex, Liam, Chris (@_chrisarias) — Support photographer: Susanne Rodrigues (