Women's Autumn/Winter 2021

Pringle’s archives are a journey through two-hundred years of fashion history. From the company’s early years as hosiery manufacturer, to the iconic post-war decades of argyle, twinsets and cashmere fever, there are many points to time-travel back to for inspiration. Revisiting the heyday of patterns and technique, Autumn/Winter 21 looks to both the tradition and the fashion-forward reincarnations of Scotland’s most famous knitwear.

A signature of Pringle’s modern collections is the focus on all-knit dressing. Autumn/Winter 2021 offers easy knitted bottoms that mix and match with the complementary tops. A new hoodie, a half zip and A-line skirt continue this trend for effortlessly luxurious dressing with a sportswear twist.

A key Autumn/Winter 2021 pattern is inspired by the complex geometry and graphic grids of the traditional Sanquhar patterns brought to life in an abstract and oversized chunky wool jumper.

As always, the focus is on creating, effortless pieces that women can wear every day, inspired by iconic designs of Pringle’s heritage and showcasing the breadth and versatility of knitwear.