Golfing Greats

For the likes of golfing legend Nick Faldo, our argyle was practically uniform. The 80s was all about colour coordination both on and off the course, a trend we love to refresh and reinvent.

If the words “golfing attire” conjure up images of lush green fairways, socks pulled up high, and diamond printed jumpers – you’re on the right track.

Argyle has practically become part of the game and the go-to uniform for golfers around the world. Golf originated in Scotland. Fact.

Let’s take a quick trip back to the 1960s, when we sponsored a ‘Pringle of Scotland Tournament’. Tented villages were set up, fashion shows took place, and Pringle’s position in the game of golf was firmly set. But it was in the 80s, when colour coordination became a big thing, that we could really let our argyle diamonds shine.

Chains, links and loops, no limits were set on how this diamond pattern was interpreted.

nick faldo on the golf course in a pringle of scotland yellow argyle jumper

Every colour under the sun made its way onto the course. Bold brights were in.

It was the decade of pop music, power ballads, and parties. Fashion and sport intertwined, with the likes of golfing legend Nick Faldo sporting (literally) the new colour-coordinated look. In 1981, he became the face of Pringle Golfwear, proving so successful that he fronted our golf clothing line for 13 years.

They say that things come full circle, and - 20 years later – these 80s golfing icons have played a pivotal role in our Reissued collection. It’s vintage made modern, but with a Pringle twist – of course. Because who doesn’t love a bit of retro? Caddy optional.

Nick faldo for pringle of scotland wearing an argyle jumper draped over his shoulders

On and off the golf course, Faldo helped make the bright, iconic argyle more than a uniform.

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