The Striker Lion

Find us a more iconic symbol of British spirit than the mighty lion. We first introduced it to our garments in 1934, and you can still spot it on our argyle and knitwear today.

When it comes to strength, power, bravery and beauty - no animal comes close to the lion.

This mighty, magnificent beast has ruled the Animal Kingdom since the dawn of time, and has been referenced throughout history in art, fashion and sport – where one lion on a shirt sometimes just isn’t enough.

It’s the fire in our bellies, the roar of our passion.

The pringle of scotland striker lion motif in blue against a black background

Why the lion?

Well, to start with, it’s the star of the show on the Royal Banner of Scotland and is one of the country’s most recognisable and iconic symbols. Also known as the Lion Rampant (because of its pose), it shows a blood-red lion standing on its hind legs, forepaws poised ready for battle. Powerful stuff.

The Lion is also the symbol of Great Britain and appears on the Royal Coat of Arms, so it perfectly represents our values and British heritage. It’s the fire in our bellies, the roar of our passion.

We first introduced the Pringle striker lion to our clothing labels back in 1934, but he’s still very much a part of what we do. Now you can find him on signature pieces throughout our Men’s and Women’s collections, and – of course – in our Pringle Reissued collection, where he sits pride of place as our new logo. He won’t bite, we promise.

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Jess is a creative who represents feminism and a commercial freedom in fashion. As a feminist, Maybury is defying fashion globally norms with her statuesque figure and striking features and has modelled for major fashion houses across the world.

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Kasper Kapica was born in Berlin in 1996, moved to New Zealand in 2009 and came to London in 2015. Kasper works for Aries Arise, focusing on special projects and their website. Most of her spare time is spent reading about abiogenesis or dark matter, or with her pet rats Bedhed & Flipper.

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