The Duke of Windsor

The argyle was an instant hit with the Duke of Windsor, who was seen sporting it throughout the 1920s. A style leader and influencer of the time, and rebellious in his own right, it wasn’t long before the fashion crowd followed suit.

A style leader and influencer of the time, and rebellious in his own right. 

Things were very different 100 years ago. You were expected to conform. To fit in. To be accepted. Making a fashion statement wasn’t the “done” thing, and if you did brave one – chances are it wouldn’t go down very well.

But one man, or - should we say - one Duke, liked to go against the grain, to use his style to shake things up. To make fashion a bit more fun and to inject some personality into it. To play with the power of pattern. Pringle’s argyle pattern, to be exact.

Not one to shy away from the unconventional, the Duke was a sartorial leader of his day.

the duke of windsor wearing sartorial style clothing

It only took one Royal to don the argyle for it to really take off.

Soon, it was spotted on the elite “it crowd”. On the fashionistas. On the high-society types. Pretty much anyone who was anyone wanted a piece of the argyle pattern. What began as defiance and deviance became the style of the time. The signature look of style leaders, a statement of independence.

Now you can make your style statement with argyle in Pringle Reissued. Today, there are no rules.

the duke of windsor in an official photo in pringle of scotland argyle pattern knee socks

The Duke of Windsor launched argyle into the spotlight, taking the unconventional and making it a style statement.

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Jess is a creative who represents feminism and a commercial freedom in fashion. As a feminist, Maybury is defying fashion globally norms with her statuesque figure and striking features and has modelled for major fashion houses across the world.

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Lucien is a professional skateboarder who has earned the accolade of being one of the best in the sport. He's lived in Jamaica, NYC and London, and is a talented photographer, working for the likes of GQ

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Kasper Kapica was born in Berlin in 1996, moved to New Zealand in 2009 and came to London in 2015. Kasper works for Aries Arise, focusing on special projects and their website. Most of her spare time is spent reading about abiogenesis or dark matter, or with her pet rats Bedhed & Flipper.

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